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Beyond's tube effect pedal, which was founded, centered on engineers from Sony.
A distortion pedal was finally released.

Beautiful, the distortion made by the aim of a good sound and grain-making sound is this model.

Employs Electro Harmonix 12au7eh with a tube tube takes more than cost.
Other electronic parts also impair the function, the cost cut to drop quality is not performed at all, and the performance is given priority.

I'm not an Ilomono, I tried a product of Honmono.

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A compact size is realized without impairing the vacuum tube and impairing the design.
Master volume trim and tone slim.
Use parts carefully selected parts such as acoustic capacitors and metal film resistance.
True by Pass Switching Method.
On / off display by LED lamp immediately below the tube.

? Size about W60.5mm x D112.0mm x H77.5mm
? Weight about 280g
? Power supply input voltage DC9 (2.1mmDC jack center negative)
? Consumption current about 180 mA
? I / O terminal 6.3 mm monaural jack
? Input impedance about 1 MĦ
? Output impedance about 1 kĦ


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