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It is this model that is released from Bukkas's Universal Series, which develops a cost-effective lineup.

It is designed based on Woodline, which is the top model, and the body is a slight dinchy shape.

Neck is 5pc laminate neck with Rosewood mainly made Maple.
You can see that you are trying to have high strength for warping and twitching.

Baltop placed in the body top.
Bar refers to the root of the tree (made).
It is characteristic of exotic looks that can not usually be characterized and well with high-end based brands.

The original pickup is wide and the sound is very well-balanced because it has a thorn.
The combined 3-band EQ is powerful and effective and can be free sound makeup.

It is very recommended for the first five strings, as well as the first 5 strings, as well as the quality of the sound and the quality of the sound.

Pure case with a genuine case
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