[used] Xotic / XJ-core 5st NAT #21007 #21007 4.245kg [Yokohama]

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Xotic is a brand founded by Japanese builder Hiro Miura in LA.

In Japan, Yoshiteru Takahashi, BJ of indigo jam unit, Katsuji Morioka, and many famous musicians outside of Japan, such as Chuck Rainey, Rhonda Smith, and Travis Carlton, are using Xotic products.

XJ CORE is a new series that incorporates more American nuances.
While the XJ-1T is made entirely in Japan, the Core series is made in the U.S., including lumbering, molding, and rodding, with painting and assembly done in Japan.

The original development started in Xotic USA, with the cooperation of Travis Carlton.

The specs are traditional-oriented with an ash body, maple fretboard, maple neck, and Lindy Freling PU.

The paint job is the same as that of the XJ-1T, but this model's paint seems to be so thin that even the conduit can be seen through it.
This may be due to the fact that it is a lacquer finish and not the familiar multi-layer finish.

The neck is finished in gloss, which is available as an option and indicates that it was custom ordered.

The model is said to be based on the theme of harmony between modern and traditional with simplicity, delicacy, and expressiveness, and that is exactly what it is.
When you actually play it, you feel that the minute string movements are simply reflected in the sound.

The fact that it was designed as a passive model that dares to exclude the excellent preamplifier, which is one of Exotic's great strengths, is also understandable in light of this point.

If you want a Koppolo but it is too expensive, or if you want a Sadowski that is not bad but a little more traditional, I would like you to give this one a try.

The remaining frets are approximately 70%.
The truss rod is working and the neck is in good condition.
There are some dents and scratches on the body and paint surface.

Controls : 2 volume, tone
Nut width : 47.5mm
Pitch between strings at bridge: 19.0mm
Country of manufacture : US/JP

Pitbull Strings, which we import and sell, was used for the setup.
These high quality strings have a natural sound and bring out the best performance and character of the instrument, so please enjoy them as well.

GIB's craftsmen will adjust the strings to make them easy to play and deliver them to you.

serial number: #21007
Weight: 4.245kg
Fret: 70% remaining
Truss rod: good working
neck condition: Good.
Control: 2 volumes, tone
body condition:There are some dents and abrasions.
nut width:47.5mm
string spacing:19.0mm
custom:Nobu change
country of origin:US/JP


text : Shunsuke Saga

Inspection : Shinohara

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