【used】Warwick / Rock Bass Streamer LX4 SHP BK #RB H 562754-22 3.77kg【GIB Hyogo】

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Warwick is a global guitar and bass brand based in Germany.

In recent years, the company has begun distributing world-class brands such as Sadowsky.

The company is increasing its presence in many fields and has released a number of attractive products.

Many top artists such as Stuart Zender, Jonas Hellborg, and Robert Trujillo have used Warwick basses.

Many top artists such as Stuart Zender, Jonas Hellborg, and Robert Trujillo have used Warwick basses and have made their excellence known.

Warwick has several models of basses, but this is the most popular model, the Streamer.

The ergonomic body design provides the player with excellent playability.

The bolt-on joint provides a quick attack and rich overtones not found in through-neck joints.

Powerful MEC PJ PU and flexible 2-band EQ.

The sound has a strong presence in all situations.

The sound has an excessive amount of volume from bass to treble, and this balance is very appealing.

This is why Warwick basses are so useful in ensembles of all genres.

The frets are approximately 90% remaining.

The truss rod is in good working order.

Neck is in good condition.

The body and paintwork are in good condition, with a few scattered scratches, but no obvious blemishes.

No clear modification points were found.

Controls : master volume , balancer, bass, treble

Nut width : 38.6mm

Pitch between strings at bridge : 19mm

Year of manufacture: unknown

Country of manufacture : China

Accessories : Soft case

GIB craftsmen have adjusted this instrument to make it easy to play.

serial number : #RB H 562754-22

Weight : 3.77kg

Fret: 90% remaining

Truss rod: good working

neck condition: Good

Controls: Master volume, balancer, bass, treble

body condition:There are some scratches here and there, but there are no noticeable scratches.

nut width:38.6mm

string spacing: 19mm


accessories:soft case

year:manufacturing date unknown

country of origin:China

text: Shunsuke Saga

Inspection by : Terima

GIB 3-month warranty

Ships in a sturdy cardboard box.


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