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Valiant Guitars is a high brand based in Ukraine.

The host brothers Gavrilenko have over 30 years of experience in guitar making, but have never lost their passion and deny to explore new things.
Of the brothers, Vadim plays bass and Dima is a musician who also plays guitar.
This is why they deny to explore and improve their respective styles from a musician's point of view.

Many parts, such as the bridge, saddle, and nut, are made by hand.
This makes the products more faithful to the brand concept and uncompromising.

The two brothers deny to evolve the history of guitar crafting since their father's time, and the brand is constantly progressing.

This model is a gem from the flagship TNT series.
Developed with professional musician Alexander Titov, the TNT series is designed for live and studio use.

While respectful of Fender's style, the TNT series has the potential to evolve to accommodate more diverse ensembles.

The body is constructed of alder with a beautiful "RED TIGER" finish.
As you can see, the top is made of ultra high-grade flame maple.

The neck is a 7-piece laminate type, composed of normal maple and roasted maple.
The neck is reinforced with titanium for strength and has a beautiful "Diamond Volute" at the base of the neck where it begins to angle.

The fingerboard is made of wenge.

The B-system preamp system, powered by 18V, provides only a 5db boost and does not add any color to the sound.
It has an excellent 2-band EQ, which allows for proper sound makeup.

Like the preamp, the pickups are of the original design, with dual coils on the front and a single coil on the rear.
The front PU can be switched between parallel, single, and series wiring via a toggle switch.

Controls include volume, balancer, treble, bass, and a 3-way switch for switching the PU wiring.

The sound is attractive with juicy overtones while the amount of low frequency is well maintained.
Depending on the wiring of the front pickup, it is possible to create a PB-like nuance or boost the volume even more, and when the balance with the rear PU is included, it can be said that there are a great many variations.

The main attraction is that every combination has a beautiful sound.
I feel that this means that the acoustic part is already in place.

Very little fret wear.
The truss rod is working and the neck is in good condition.
The condition of the body and painted surface is overall beautiful and like new, with no scratches.

This is a gem of a legitimate and strong brand that continues to grow in the beautiful country of Ukraine.
Please give it a try.

Controls : volume, balancer, treble, bass, 3-way pickup selector
Nut width : 45.0mm
Pitch between strings at bridge : 18.0mm
Year of manufacture : 2023
Country of manufacture : Ukraine

Pitbull Strings, which we import and distribute, is used for the setup.
These high quality strings have a natural sound and bring out the best performance and character of the instrument, so please enjoy them as well.

GIB's craftsmen will adjust the strings to make them easy to play and deliver them to you.

serial number: #T21026
Weight: 4.115kg
Fret: 90% remaining
Truss rod: good working
neck condition: Good.
control:volume, balancer, treble, bass, 3-way pickup selector
body condition:There is no scratch and it is a beautiful product overall.
nut width:45.0mm
string spacing:18.0mm
accessories:Hard case
country of origin:Ukraine

accessories:hard case

text : Shunsuke Saga

inspection charge : Shinohara

GIB 3-month warranty included

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item will be packed with a hard cardboard box.
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