[used] Ibanez / AB200 1980 #H804289 3.70kg [Yokohama]

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Ibanez is a leading Japanese guitar brand that is recognized worldwide along with Fender and Gibson.
Many professional bassists such as Gary Willis and Thundercat use Ibanez products.

This model is a semi-acoustic style bass sold in the 80s.
There were two models available at the time, the AB100 and AB200, and this is the AB200, a gorgeous looking higher-end model.

This model has a semi-acoustic-like low-frequency dropout, and the moderate compressiveness seems to accentuate the comfort of playing it.
It has a completely different sound from the Fender series, but I think many people may find this appealing.

The remaining frets are roughly 70%.
The truss rod is a little stiff, but we have confirmed that it works about 90 degrees.
The neck is in good condition.
The condition of the body and painted surface shows a few scratches and dents. Also, there are some parts that are dull and have a sense of use.
No obvious modifications were found.

Controls : Master volume, PU selector, Tone
Nut width : 39.7mm
Year of manufacture : 1980
Country of manufacture : unknown

GIB craftsmen have adjusted this guitar to make it easier to play.

serial number : #H804289
Weight : 3.70kg
Fret : 70% remaining
Truss rod: tight a little, but can work roughly 90° at least
neck condition: Good.
Control:Master volume, PU selector, tone
In addition, there is dullness in the parts and there is a feeling of use.
nut width:39.7mm
string spacing: 18.5mm
country of origin:not clear


text : Shunsuke Saga

inspection by : mizuta

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