[used] Gibson Custom Shop / Historic Collection 1968 Les Paul Custom Figured #001498 4.56kg [Yokohama]

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Gibson is the king of the guitar world, so to speak, having produced many famous instruments.

This model is a reproduction of the Les Paul Custom made in 1968, which was reproduced in the style of the original Les Paul after the model change to the SG in 1961.
It is a gem made by Custom Shop, the highest grade of Gibson.

Usually, Les Paul Custom is painted in a fill color, but this one has a beautiful flame maple body top.

The body top is made of beautiful flame maple and painted in see-through natural color, which gives the guitar an exquisite look that varies depending on the angle you look at it from.

The body back and neck are made of mahogany, and the fingerboard is made of ebony, which is now a rare material.

The front pickup is a Gibson 57 Classic, which reproduces the Les Paul sound of '57.
The front pickup is a Gibson 57 Classic, a replica of the humbucking pickup developed by Seth Lover, known as the PAF, which has been a longtime seller of Gibson's. The rear pickup is a Gibson Dirty Dirty pickup, a replica of the PAF.

The rear pickups have been replaced with Gibson Dirty Fingers.
It uses ceramic magnets and is characterized by long sustain and good distortion ride.
This model is very powerful with high output among Gibson's pickups.

The front position has a vintage-like sweet and fat sound, while the rear position has a hard rock sound.

This is one of Gibson's finest handmade guitars, made with the finest woods of the Custom Shop class, and you can feel the soul of the craftsmen who made it.
How about taking this opportunity?

There are approximately 70% frets remaining.
The truss rod is in good condition and the neck is in good condition.
There is a 5mm chip on the tip of the head, a 10mm ding on the back of the neck, a crack on one part of the back of the neck, cracks and burns on the binding of the body and neck, and a small chip on the edge of the nut.
Also, there is rust and tarnish on the gold parts.
Please check the photos carefully.

The pickup escutcheon and jack plate have been replaced with brass ones, and the strap pin on the neck side has been replaced with a Dunlop one.
Front pickup cover has been removed.
Pickguard is missing.
Volume and tone knobs have been replaced. (The original is also included.)

Nut width : 43mm
Pitch between strings at bridge: 10.5mm
Year of manufacture : 2000
Country of manufacture : USA

Pitbull Strings, imported and sold by our store, are used in the setup.
These high quality strings have a natural sound and bring out the best performance and character of the instrument, so please enjoy them as well.

TONIQ's craftsmen will adjust the strings to make them easy to play and deliver them to you.

serial number: #001498
Weight: 4.56kg
Fret: 70% remaining
Truss rod: good working
neck condition: Good.
control:2 volumes, 2 tones, selector
There is a feeling of use according to the age of wounds and dents. There is a dent of about 10 mm on the back of the neck, a lack of a head part of about 5 mm, cracked on the back of the neck, cracked binding, burnt. There is a small missing nut
nut width:43mm
string spacing:10.5mm
custom: PU escalching and jack plate are changed to brass.
The PU cover has been removed.
The rear PU has been changed to a dirt finger.
The front side strap pin is changed to Dunlop.
Nobu replacement (original attached)
accessories:Original hard case
country of origin:America

accessories:Original hard case, original knob (one volume knob is missing)

Text by : Teppei Ozawa

Inspection : Ozawa

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