【used】G&L / USA L-2000 1995 4.215kg #B026948【GIB Yokohama】

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G&L is known as the third brand created by Leo Fender after Fender and Music Man.
Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith) and Murphy Karges (Sugar Ray) are famous bassists who use their basses.

This model is the standard L2000.
It is a G&L from the era of 3-point fastening, and is quite good.
It is not easily appreciated, but I personally expect the price to skyrocket in the near future.

The body is ash and the fingerboard is rosewood.
The white ash makes the sunburst look brilliant.

Two large humbucking PUs are mounted.
Combined with a preamp with flexible 2-band EQ, the sound is powerful and fat in all bands.

The iconic switches are the PU selector, PU wiring switch (series/parallel), and preamp mode switch.
The controls are volume, bass, and treble.

The sound is thick and sweet, just like an old instrument.

Vintage G&L, now is the time to get your hands on one.

About 80% frets left.
The truss rod is in good working order.
Neck is in good condition. The string height on the 12th fret is 2.5mm on the 1st string side and 3.0mm on the 4th string side. The grips have minor scratches and a glossy finish from being played.
The overall condition of the body and paint surface shows scattered scratches and small dings. There is a hole where the pickup fence was attached near the neck pickup.
The electrical system is in good condition.
The nut appears to have been replaced.

Controls : Master volume, treble (passive treble), bass (passive bass), pickup switch (neck/mix/bridge), pickup wiring switch (series/parallel), preamp switch (active treble boost /active/passive)
Nut width : 43.0mm
Pitch between strings at bridge: 19.0mm
Scale : 34inch
Year of manufacture : 1995
Country of manufacture : USA
Accessories : Hard Case

Stringjoy, imported and sold by our store, is used in the setup.
Made in Nashville, Stringjoy is characterized by its silky feel, with plenty of low end and rich, natural overtones.
These are quality strings that bring out the best performance and character of the instrument, so please enjoy them as well.

GIB's craftsmen have adjusted the strings to make them easy to play and deliver them to you.

serial number: #B026948
Weight: 4.215kg
Fret: 80% remaining
Truss rod: good working
Currently, the string height above the 12th fret is 2.5mm on the 1st string side and 3.0mm on the 4th string side, and it can be played without clogging or buzzing. There are small scratches on the grip and a glossy finish from being played.
Control: Master volume, treble (passive treble), bass (passive bass), pickup selection switch (neck/mix/bridge), pickup wiring selection switch ( series/parallel), preamp selection switch (active treble boost/active/passive)
body condition: There are scratches and small dents scattered throughout. There is a pilot hole near the neck pickup where the pickup fence was installed.
nut width:43.0mm
string spacing:19.0mm
scale length:34Inch
custom:Looks like the nut has been replaced.
accessories:hard case
country of origin:USA

text: Shunsuke Saga

Inspection by : Wakatsuki

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