[used] Freedom Custom Guitar Research / RS PJ 4st Purple Metallic #1084 4.235kg [Yokohama]

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Freedom is a Tokyo-based guitar workshop that has gained overwhelming support from professional musicians in Japan, and in recent years their name has begun to spread overseas as well.

Originally highly regarded for their repair work, they are now focusing on manufacturing, and their works are loved by many musicians for their high quality and rational sense of design.

All of the brand's basses are manufactured in Tokyo.
The wood used is carefully selected through strict quality control, and no wood that does not meet their standards is used in their products.

We believe that this kind of quality control is only possible because we are a small workshop.
In this sense, the quality of our products is fundamentally different from those made in large factories.

This model is a modern classic with PJ's style.

The nuance of the sound that is pushed out of the PJ is more powerful than that of a JB and sharper than that of a PB.
It has all the charm of a PJ.

It has excellent playability like the Freedom, and the moment you pick it up, you will feel as if it is your own instrument that you have been playing for years.

The frets are approximately 80% full.
The truss rod is in good working order and the neck is in good condition.
The body and paintwork are in good condition, with some dulling of metal parts and scratches on the body.
No obvious modifications were found.

Controls : Front volume, rear volume, tone
Nut width : 41.2mm
Pitch between strings at bridge : 19.0mm (variable)
Year of manufacture : 2017
Country of manufacture : Japan

Pitbull Strings, imported and sold by our store, is used in the setup.
Please enjoy the natural sound of these high quality strings, which bring out the best performance and character of the instrument.

GIB's craftsmen will adjust them to make them easy to play before delivery.

serial number: #1084
Weight: 4.235kg
Fret: 80% remaining
Truss rod: good working
neck condition: Good.
control:Front volume, rear volume, tone
body condition:There are dullness on the metal parts, and the body is found.
nut width:41.2mm
string spacing:19.0mm (variable)
country of origin:Japan


text : Shunsuke Saga

inspection charge : Shinohara

GIB 3-month warranty included.

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item will be packed with a hard cardboard box.
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