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A custom order I made from Freedom a while back was returned to me as a used item in good condition.
Below is the explanation at that time.


Freedom is a guitar studio in Tokyo that has gained overwhelming support from professional musicians in Japan, and in recent years its name has begun to spread overseas.

Originally highly praised for their repair work, they are now focusing on manufacturing, and their work is loved by many musicians for its high quality and rational design sense.

All of the brand's bases are manufactured in Tokyo.
The wood we use is carefully selected through strict quality control, and if the wood we purchase does not meet our standards, we will not use it in our products.

I believe that this kind of quality control is possible because we are a small workshop.
Even in this sense, the quality is fundamentally different from those made in large-scale factories.

This model is a JB replica model ordered by GIB.
The color is the custom-ordered Shinobu series pink.

I ordered it with the idea of ​​``please apply an elegant burgundy color to the ash in a see-through color like a beautiful blonde'' and the result was stunning. What do you think?

Even though the body is painted with urethane, it is as thin as lacquer, and we have great confidence in its quality.
When you actually play it, there is no doubt about the high quality of its texture, sound, and playability, and I don't want you to think of this as necessarily a negative thing.

The body is a light ash carefully selected for this color.
This has a big influence on the sound, and it is characterized by a pleasant mid-range that is speedy and rumbling like light ash.

I asked for the neck to be lacquered, somewhere between gloss and satin.

Although it has a wide range of sound, it is powerful overall, which is one of the reasons why Fender Vintage is so attractive.
This is a wonderful piece that combines all of that charm with modern elements such as stainless steel frets.

The splendor of Fender vintage is beautifully revived in modern times.
This is the true value of Freedom.

A rare MIJ brand that consistently delivers high quality.
Please check it out in store.

Play it and you'll hear why musicians simply love Freedom.


Body: light ash
Fingerboard: Indian rosewood
Frets: Freedom SF-04 (WARM)
Nut: Silicone cow bone F
PU: JB Vintage 4st
Tone condenser: OD 6PS 503K(600v)
Fingerboard R: 184mm


Even when I play it now, I'm still impressed by its wonderful quality.
it's recommended.

There is almost no wear on the frets.
The truss rod is a little loose, but we have confirmed that it can rotate at least 90 degrees.
If you have any concerns about this, you can consult not only GIB but also Freedom regarding repairs.

The neck is in good condition.
The condition of the body and paintwork is very good and can be said to be like new.
The electrical system is in good condition.
No obvious modification points were found.

Controls: neck volume, bridge volume, master tone
Nut width: 38.0mm
Bridge part string pitch: 20.0mm
Scale: 34Inch
Year of manufacture: 2023
Country of manufacture: JAPAN
Accessories: Original gig bag, spec sheet

When setting up, I use D'addario EXL, which is highly trusted by professional musicians.
Characterized by a powerful attack and rich overtones, it is a performance worthy of being called a standard.
These are high-quality strings that bring out the maximum performance and character of your instrument, so please enjoy them as well.

GIB's craftsmen have adjusted it to make it easier to play and then deliver it to you.

Serial number: #1592
Weight: 3.965kg
Fret:95% remaining
Truss rod:loose a little, but can work roughly 90° at least
Neck condition:Good.
control:Neck volume, bridge volume, master tone
body condition: It's very clean and looks like new.
nut width: 38.0mm
string spacing:20.0mm
scale length: 34Inch
custom: none
accessories:Original gig bag, spec sheet
country of origin:JAPAN

Text: Shunsuke Saga

Inspection person: Wakatsuki

GIB 3 month warranty included

Ships in a sturdy cardboard box.
We also support overseas shipping.

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