【used】FGN / NPB10RAL-3TS/01 mod. 2017 4.270kg #J170346【GIB Yokohama】

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FGN (Fujigen) is Japan's world-class guitar factory.
It is highly regarded worldwide and has manufactured many guitar brands such as Fender on an OEM basis.
This is the original brand of Fujigen.

This model is literally a precision bass model with a new, yet old-fashioned flavor.

The cost of hardware is kept to a minimum by using original parts and other methods, which is why this is a gem that highlights the high level of Fujigen's technology.

For those who want to get a bass with the highest quality possible at a low price, this is the bass to try.

The body is made of alder and the fingerboard is rosewood, a popular combination.

Unlike the regular NPB10RAL, it has a Switchcraft jack, Bartolini 8S pickups, and a white pearloid pickguard.
It is marked "mod" on the official warranty card and may be an individual or store order.

We were unable to determine if it is from the manufacturer or from the time of sale.

There is roughly 80% frets remaining.
The truss rod is in good working order.
The neck is in good condition.
The condition of the body and paint surface is relatively clean, although there are some scattered scratches.
The electrical system is in good condition.

Controls : Volume, Tone
Nut width : 40.5mm
Pitch between strings at bridge : 19.0mm
Scale : 34inch
Year of manufacture : 2017
Country of manufacture : JAPAN
Accessories : Soft case

GIB craftsmen have adjusted this instrument to make it easy to play.

serial number : #J170346
Weight : 4.270kg
Fret: 80% remaining
Truss rod: good working
neck condition: Good.
Control: volume, tone
body condition:There are some scratches here and there, but it is relatively clean.
nut width:40.5mm
string spacing:19.0mm
scale length:34Inch
custom: Unlike the regular NPB10RAL, it has a Switchcraft jack, Bartolini 8S pickup, and white pearloid pickguard. There is a notation ""mod"" on the official warranty, so it may have been ordered by an individual or a shop, and it seems that the above specifications were used from the time of delivery.
accessories:soft case
year: 2017
country of origin: JAPAN

Text: Shunsuke Saga

Inspection by : Wakatsuki

GIB 3-month warranty included

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