【used】Fender / Made in Japan Hybrid II Jazz Bass #JD23007699 MADE IN JAPAN 4.16kg【GIB Hyogo】

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Fender is the undisputed number one brand of electric guitars and basses.
It is loved by countless top artists such as James Jemerson, Bobby Vega, and Michael League.

The Jazz Bass was released with the positioning of a higher-end model of Precision Bass.

Its sharp and clear sound has been loved by many bassists, and even today it enjoys overwhelming support and a shining presence.

This model is a new “made in Japan” Fender that has been reconfigured after the discontinuation of Fender Japan.

It is manufactured in Japan, but with even more American specifications and input than before.

As the HYBRID II series, this one retains the vintage look, but with some innovations for the modern player in various areas.

The pickups are Hybrid II Custom Voiced Single Coil for better balance.
The body is made of alder and the fingerboard is made of maple, which is typical of Fender.

The sound is coherent and neat.

The remaining frets are approximately 70%.
The truss rod is in good working order.
The neck is slightly high, but the string height is 2.0mm on the G string to 2.5mm on the E string, which does not interfere with the current playing condition.
The condition of the body and painted surface is beautiful, with no noticeable scratches.
No clear modification points were found.

Controls : Neck volume, bridge volume, master tone
Nut width : 38.4mm
Pitch between strings at bridge : 19.5mm
Year of manufacture : 2023
Country of manufacture : Japan
Accessories : Original soft case

D'addario EXL, which is trusted by professional musicians, is used in the setup.
Characterized by its powerful attack and rich overtones, it is truly a performance that deserves to be called a standard.
Please enjoy these high-quality strings that bring out the performance and character of the instrument to the fullest, so please enjoy them as well.

GIB craftsmen will adjust them to make them easy to play and deliver them to you.

serial number: #JD23007699 MADE IN JAPAN
Weight: 4.16kg
Fret: 70% remaining
Truss rod: good working
neck condition: There is a slight treble, but with a string height of 2.0mm to 2.5mm for the G string and the E string, it does not interfere with current performance.
control:Neck volume, bridge volume, master tone
body condition:Good
nut width:38.4mm
string spacing:19.5mm
accessories:original soft case
country of origin:Japan

text: Taiga Terama

Inspection by : Terama

GIB 3 months warranty

Ships in a sturdy cardboard box.

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