[used] Fender / 1975 Precision Bass 3TS/M #362480 3.915kg [Yokohama]

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Fender is the undisputed number one brand of electric guitars and basses.
It is loved by countless top artists such as James Jemerson, Bobby Vega, and Michael League.

The Precision Bass was the world's first solid electric bass with frets, and quickly captivated bassists around the world.
More than half a century has passed since its birth, and it is still loved as much as ever.

This model is a Precision bass manufactured in 1975.

Fender basses from the 1970s were not as popular as those from the 1960s until now.
However, in recent years, their value has been reevaluated and the number of bassists who use them on stage has been increasing.

Among them, those from the early 1970s have been soaring in price due to their high quality sound and scarcity.

There are approximately 40% frets remaining.
The truss rod is in good working condition.
The neck is in good condition, with a high neck adjustment, but can be played without any problem by our standard (string height: 2.0-2.5mm).
The condition of the body and painted surface shows many scratches and dents.
The paint on the fingerboard surface is cracked throughout.

Neck stamp : 0103 3442?
Pot date : 1377540
PU: Black bobbin (no stamp)
Capacitors: Ceramic capacitors, round ones.

There are some marks that look like they were re-soldered, so some kind of post-processing is expected.

Controls : volume, tone
Nut width : 40mm
Pitch between strings at bridge : 19.5mm
Year of manufacture : 1975
Country of manufacture : USA

Pitbull Strings, imported and sold by our store, are used in the setup.
These high quality strings have a natural sound and bring out the best performance and character of the instrument, so please enjoy them as well.

GIB's craftsmen adjust the strings to make them easy to play and deliver them to you.

serial number: #362480
Weight: 3.915kg
Fret: 40% remaining
Truss rod: good working
neck condition: There are high -rising correction marks, but at present, we can play without any problems under our standards.
Control: Volume, tone
body condition:Many scratches and dents are found. the surface of the finga board is cracked overall. the dullness of the parts is strong.
nut width:40mm
string spacing: 19.5mm
custom: Neck stamp: 0103 3442?
Pot Date: 1377540
PU: Black Bobin (no stamp)
Condenser: Ceramic condenser round guy
Remarks: solder dirty
accessories: Hard case
year: 1975
country of origin: USA

accessories: hard case

Text by : Shunsuke Saga

inspection charge : Mizuta

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