[used] EDEN / EX 4104 Bass Cabinet [Yokohama]

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Eden is an American brand that manufactures high-quality bass amplifiers and effectors.
It is trusted by many professional artists such as Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead), Mike Rutherford (Genesis), Mana Iwanaga, and FIRE.

EDEN also cooperated in the manufacturing and development of brands such as Ampeg and SWR, and their products were developed while taking advantage of such experience.

This model is the opposite of the lightweight cabinets that are popular these days; it is a full-fledged large bass amp cabinet.

Equipped with four 10-inch units and one tweeter, it has a wide reproduction range and produces a smooth and rich bass-like sound.
The generous and clear bass sound is attractive because of the large size of the cabinet.

There are numerous scratches and exterior peeling, but there are no operational problems.
Would always use this if allowed. Recommended.

Accessories : None

Written by : Shunsuke Saga

Inspection charge : Negami

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