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AV Basses is a high-end Czech brand that gained a lot of attention when Jamiroquai bassist Paul Turner started using it for the first time.

AV BASSES was started in the 1990s by professional bassist Ales Vychodil.

At the time, the major instrument manufacturers supplied the market with numerous basses, but none of them met his requirements.
To satisfy his own needs, he started building his own custom basses.

In the 2000s, he started OEM production for boutique brands in Europe and the USA, making his manufacturing skills known to the world.

He also builds advanced basses, but this time he ordered a Fender-style model.
The series has been further perfected with the help of Keith Duffy (The Corrs, Maire Brennan) and Paul Turner (Jamiroquai).

This time, it was ordered with an image of a style that would be immediately effective even if brought straight into the Japanese music scene.

The body is made of European alder and the fingerboard is Indian rosewood, inspired by the 60's Fender JB.
The PU is a Nordstrand NP5 and the paint is a vintage-style nitrocellulose lacquer.

In general, the specs are based on vintage but meet the requirements of modern bassists.

The bass guitar is characterised by a smooth sound that extends smoothly on all strings: low B, E, A, D and G. The rich mid-range is the foundation of this instrument.
The rich mid-range is the foundation of the P sound, which is as generous as the sea and reassuringly supports the musician's playing.

Very little fret wear.
The truss rod is in good working order and the neck is in good condition.
The condition of the body and paintwork is dotted with small dents and scratches.
No obvious modification points were found.

Controls : volume, tone.
Nut width : 47.7 mm
Pitch between strings at bridge: 19 mm
Country of manufacture : Czech Republic

A Stringjoy, which we import and distribute, is used in the set-up.
Made in Nashville, the Stringjoy has a silky feel with plenty of low end and rich, natural overtones.
These are quality strings that bring out the best performance and character of the instrument, so enjoy them together.

The GIB craftsmen have adjusted them to make them easy to play and deliver them to you.

Serial number: #2020-3
Weight: 4.045kg
Fret: 90% remaining
Truss rod: good working
Neck condition: good.
Control: Volume, tone.
Body condition: There are small dents and abrasions.
Nut width: 47.7mm
String spacing: 19mm
custom: none
Country of origin: Czech Republic

Text: Shunsuke Saga

Inspection: Negami

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