[outlet] Warwick / Team Build PS Thumb Bass BO 4 TS NAT #H010419-22 4.42kg [Yokohama]

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Warwick is a global guitar and bass brand based in Germany.

In recent years, the company has started distributing world-class brands such as Sadowski.
The company has a growing presence in many areas and has released a number of attractive products.

Many top artists such as Stuart Zender, Jonas Hellborg and Robert Trujillo have used Warwick basses.
Many top artists such as Stuart Zender, Jonas Hellborg, Robert Trujillo and many others have used Warwick basses and made their excellence known.

Warwick has several models, but the Thumb Bass is the one with the most unique presence.

The use of hardwoods is a point that can be found throughout the brand.

This is why the sound has a low frequency range that seems to go down to the bottom of the earth, but never blurs, keeping a clear sound image.
The PUs are positioned closer to the rear, which seems to be a distinctive feature, but there is no lack of low frequencies at all.

This beautiful sound is three-dimensional and deep, so slapping is also a beautiful and rare characteristic.

This is an official manufacturer's outlet product.
Due to long-term storage, there may be scratches on the exterior.
(Please be assured that it has not been stored in a shop for a long time.)

Warranty is provided for all other aspects except appearance.

Text by : Shunsuke Saga

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