[new] Xotic Bass / XJ-Core 5st Olympic White/Alder/R/MH/XTCT #23004 4.3kg [Yokohama]

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A new series from Xotic, which is highly regarded by professional musicians around the world for its quality guitars, basses, and effect pedals.

The brand's popular XJ-1T is an active bass made in Japan.
This Core series uses a hybrid manufacturing method in which the lumbering and truss rod preparation are done in the U.S., and the painting and assembly are done in Japan.

There are a few other differences.
The bridge is the same hipshot as on the XJ-1T, but a simpler Style B is used as standard.

The body is made of alder and the fingerboard is rosewood.
I wanted to give it some individuality in terms of appearance, so I had it decorated with binding and block inlays.

The PU is usually a custom wound Lindy Fralin, but this time, a normal Lindy was used without increasing the number of windings.
While it is true that more windings give a more powerful and low sound, the trebly nuance is sometimes lost.

The reason why we ordered a PU with no increase in windings is because we did not want to lose the trebly nuance of a 4-string bass.

In addition, a Bartolini XTCT preamp was installed.
We aimed to add sharpness and power with the preamp.

The paint job is beautifully finished with lacquer.
A simpler, more traditional feel is what makes the XJ Core unique.

And this time we had the neck painted in gloss.
As you can see, it has a more vintage-like impression.

Both sound and playability are smooth as silk.
It is a beautiful instrument.

The XJ-1T is very popular and the Core series does not get much attention, but it definitely has the potential of the highest grade.
This is a supreme instrument that you will want to spend a long time nurturing by yourself.

Text by : Shunsuke Saga

Inspection staff : Negami

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