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Ulrich Bass Design is a small handmade bass brand from Germany.
The builder Florian Hertzsch is also a violin maker.
The main feature of this brand is that it is a modern bass with a neat balance of widely cultivated classical techniques and Spanish guitar construction.

Saulus is a model for the modern player with a completely new value.
It has the fastest attack, the most dynamic range, the longest sustain, and the lightest weight.
It offers the highest quality in ergonomics and music.

The body is a sandwich construction with western red cedar as the core and padouk on the top and back.
The western red cedar is an extremely lightweight wood that gives the sound and feel of an acoustic rather than a solid instrument.

The set neck is made of 3-ply maple, and the fingerboard is made of wenge.
The grips are relatively flat and thin, yet still sturdy.

The headstock is very distinctive, and is based on the construction of Spanish guitars.

This style of Spanish guitar, perfected by Antonio de Torres in the 1800s, is what Ulrich Bass Design does best and is clearly superior, according to Florian. (We also heard that the currently popular headstock style has manufacturing advantages, but ......)

Two Haeussel pickups are housed in a large fingerlamp and PU cover.

The front pickup is a Jazz Coil, the rear a Jazzbucker, and the rear humbucking can be wired single, parallel, or series by means of a mini-switch.

The preamp is made by Noll Ellectronics.
Controls are volume (with active/passive switch), balancer, low mid/high mid, bass/treble, and rear PU switching mini SW (series, single, parallel).

Bridge and tuning keys are made by Schaller.
The panel where the controls are located is fixed with magnets and can be easily removed by hand.

The playing feel gives a strong sense of natural bouncing nuance.
These instruments are fun to play.
The instrument itself seems to enhance the string vibration beautifully.

Even if you usually play Fender type instruments or basses like Ken Smith's, you may not have experienced this kind of playing comfort yet.
The experience itself is an interesting one, so please give it a try first.


Scale: 34‘‘
Strings: 5
Body: 2-piece western red cedar
Top: 2-piece padouk
Bottom: 2-piece padouk
Neck: 3-piece maple
Construction: set in
Fretboard: wenge
Frets: 24 frets with hidden ends
Headstock veneer: matched wenge
Inlays: side strips
Nut: bone
Trussrod: dual-action
Pickups: Harry Haeussel Jazz coil (neck), Jazzbucker (bridge)
Pickup cover: wenge
Electronics: Noll 4-band active eq
Controls: volume (active-passive), balance, low-mid/high mid, bass/treble, 3-way switch for bridge pickup (single, parallel, humbucker)
Control plate: wenge magnetic
Tuners: Schaller
Bridge: Schaller
Finish: natural oil
Hardware: black chrome
Strap, case and certificate of authenticity included

Accessories : Original semi-hard case

Text : Shunsuke Saga

Inspection charge : Negami

Comes with manufacturer's warranty

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