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Three Dots is a new brand by Yoshiyuki Kikuchi (and Ocata International), who has earned the trust of many professional bassists, especially for his work with Sadowsky.

This model is based on the traditional PB motif, and is an ambitious work that incorporates Mr. Kikuchi's intentions to the fullest.

In many areas, such as the angle of the neck and the initial settings, the design is more developed from Fender's style, and the emphasis on playability is strongly felt.

This nuance seems to have something in common with the early Sadowsky TYO and Sadowsky Metroline Slap Master series.

The PU is an original design.
This PU is a reference to the vintage Fender sound and other sounds used by professional musicians in the field.

This PU is not a flashy sound, but it has a good balance from low to high frequencies, and is very neatly finished as a whole.

In this day and age, it would be one of the correct marketing decisions to make a more powerful and flashy sound, but I personally have a favorable impression of the fact that they do not aim for that.

Since this is a new brand, I would like people to try it out in stores anyway.
I think there will be a fresh surprise because it is a product that does not seem to exist until now.

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Text: Shunsuke Saga

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