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Three Dots is a new brand by Yoshiyuki Kikuchi (and Ocata International), who has earned the trust of many professional bassists, especially for his work with Sadowsky.

This model is based on the traditional JB motif, and is an ambitious work that incorporates Mr Kikuchi's intentions to the fullest.
It is also an active model, so it was made with special specifications, just like a Sadowsky.
Not many were produced.

The design is more developed from the Fender style in many areas, such as the angle of the neck preparation and the initial settings, which strongly suggests that playability is important.

This nuance seems to have something in common with the early Sadowsky TYO and Sadowsky Metroline Slap Master series.

The body is ash with a see-through finish.
This is something not seen on Three Dots before.

The PU is the familiar split-coil hum cancel type.
This type is often seen on DiMarzio guitars. (Even the lead wire colour looks like a DiMarzio).

Preamp only boosts bass and treble.
Controls are volume, balancer, tone (SW active/passive), treble/bass.
It's like a Sadowsky.

The electronics are very good, wide-range, yet powerful, speedy and musical.
The overall sound surface is well-balanced, and combined with the hyper-smooth playability, you get a high level of quality.

If you are looking for the sound and playing comfort of a Japanese era Sadowsky Metroline or a Sadowsky TYO, this is the best fit.
No doubt about it. Recommended.

Accessories: soft case

Text by : Shunsuke Saga

In charge of inspection : Negami

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