[new] Sugi / NB5 IR POP/A-MAHO2P #S220151 4.105kg [Yokohama]

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Sugi is a brand by Mr. Sugimoto, a legend in Japanese guitar making for many years.
Sugimoto produces high quality guitars and basses in Nagano, Japan, and is highly regarded by many musicians.

The NB is known as the flagship model, and is used by Ho-jin Egawa, Mike Porcaro of TOTO, and others.
This is the NB5, a 5-string model of the NB.

The body top is made of gorgeous poplar burl and the back is made of African mahogany.
Needless to say, it has beautiful looks, but there is no doubt about the high quality of the tonewoods, and they are perfect.

The bridge and pegs are GOTOH, which is not normal.
They are original and custom-ordered by Sugi and optimized for this bass.

Despite the 24 frets, the sound is not too tight and open.
This feature seems to have a positive influence on both fingerplays and slaps.

While it has a wide range and modern playability, it is still based on traditional elements.
So it will be a reassuring ally for bassists who faithfully fulfill the role required of the bass in an ensemble.

Accessories : Semi-hard case

Text : Shunsuke Saga

Inspection charge : Negami

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