[new] Sadowsky / ML21 VJ4 ALD SGM STN #B001462-22 3.64kg [Yokohama]

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Sadowsky is a New York high brand whose customers include top musicians such as Marcus Miller and Will Lee.

Until now, Metroline has been manufactured in Japan, but after Warwick took over the distribution of Sadowsky products, the manufacturing location was changed to the Warwick factory in Germany.

Since the Metroline models originally made in Japan were highly acclaimed, some were concerned about a decline in quality, but there is no need to worry about an overreaction when looking at the actual product.

The neck feels a little thinner than the Japanese-made model, and there are differences in the roundness of the body joint and other features.

Also, the old Metroline had a solid body.
However, this new Metroline, like the NYC, uses a chambered body.
This makes the weight light enough to reach the low 3 kg range and adds a moderately supportive back feel to the playability.

The excellent electronics output a powerful sound even at low string heights.
The playability is also nice, and it seems to be a product that holds a c

The PU is different from both the old Metro line and NYC, but it feels neat and beautifully designed sounding.
It doesn't have a peppy feel and seems easy to handle.

Accessories: Original case

Text: Shunsuke Saga

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