[new] moon / JB-4A BK/M CR #58644 4.9kg [Yokohama]

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MOON is a long-established guitar brand representing Japan.
It is highly regarded by many professional artists, and Mitsuru Sudo and Larry Graham are known to be patronizers of the brand.

This model is a JB model equipped with an active circuit, which is one of their specialties.
The golden combination of ash body + maple fretboard + Bartolini XTCT.
It is the best.

The pickups are original Oxalis.
It has strong low frequency and trebly sound.
The combination with Bartolini XTCT is a great match.

The playability is amazing like a moon, and you will want to play this bass all the time with such a pleasant response feeling.

An impeccably beautiful custom bass.
A wonderful gem.

Accessories: hard case

Comes with manufacturer's warranty

Text: Shunsuke Saga

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