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LAVA CABLE is the hottest brand of instrument cables in the USA.
The company is committed to MADE IN USA and has earned a great deal of trust for its high quality that meets all military specs.

The founder, Mark Stoddard, is an ex-military man and guitarist.
When he was called up for military work, he brought his cables and plugs with him and continued to make cables for his friends and recreation centers.

Today, the brand is loved by musicians all over the world.
It is still not well known in Japan, but with GIB handling it, it should expand greatly.

MAGNA CABLE is a high quality shielded cable consisting of 99.9% pure copper cable and G&H plugs.
It has an extremely low capacitance of 23 pF/ft (75.5 pF/m).

This low capacitance is remarkable, for example, Canare GS6 has a capacitance of 160 pF/m, Mogami 2319 has a capacitance of 155 pF/m, and Belden 8412 has a capacitance of 190 pF/m.

This means that the loss, especially in the high frequencies, is very low and the range is very wide.

Designed for use on stage, MAGNA CABLE is extremely durable and has the best acoustic properties for music.

Length: 10ft (approx. 3m), 15ft (approx. 4.5m), 20ft (approx. 6m)
Plugs: 1/4 - 1/4 (S-S), R/A - 1/4 (L-S)

Comes with manufacturer's warranty

Text: Shunsuke Saga

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