[new] Freedom Custom Guitar Research / JB 3TS S.S.R.S. #1596 4.335kg [Yokohama]

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Freedom is a Tokyo-based guitar workshop that has gained overwhelming support from professional musicians in Japan and in recent years has started to make a name for itself abroad.

Originally highly regarded for their repair work, they now focus on manufacturing, and their work is loved by many musicians for its high quality and rational design sense.

All of the brand's basses are manufactured in Tokyo.
The wood used is carefully selected through strict quality control, and no wood that does not meet their standards is used in their products.

This quality control is only possible because we are a small workshop.
In this sense, too, the quality is fundamentally completely different from that of products made in large factories.

This model is a replica JB ordered by GIB.
The body is painted with urethane and the neck with lacquer.
The cost is kept down by not using a full lacquer.
The neck is painted somewhere between gloss and satin.

Even though the body is painted in urethane, it is as thin as lacquer and we have great confidence in its quality.
There is no doubt about the quality of the texture, sound and playability when you play it, and we don't want you to think of this as necessarily a negative thing.

It has a wide range, yet is powerful throughout, which is what makes Fender Vintage so appealing.
This is a wonderful mix of modern elements, such as stainless steel frets, while encompassing all of that charm.

A rare MIJ name brand that has always demonstrated a consistently high quotient.
Please check it out at the shop.
The MIJ is a great instrument, and you can feel why musicians simply love freedom when you play it.


Body: Alder
Fingerboard: Indian rosewood
Fretboard: Freedom SF-04 (WARM)
Pegs: GOTOH-GB9-L4
Nut: Silicon cow bone F
PU: JB Vintage 4st
Tone condenser: OD 6PS 503K (600v)
Fingerboard R: 184mm

Accessories: original case, papers

Text: Shunsuke Saga

Inspection : Negami

With manufacturer's warranty

Ships in a sturdy cardboard box.
Also available for international shipping.

Contact Info

LINE : vwj2699r
email : info@bassick.jp
tel : 045 534 7133