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Bacchus is a Japanese brand based in Nagano, Japan.

Bacchus is a brand under the umbrella of Divisor, which owns a large guitar factory called Asuka Factory, and is highly regarded by many musicians for its high quality because the factory handles its own production.

This model is a WOODLINE model of the Global Series, which is manufactured uniquely for high quality.

One of the most notable features is the roasted maple used for the neck.
Roasted maple is a wood that has acquired strong stability by volatilizing the water and oil inside the wood through treatment at high temperatures.
Originally a building material for saunas in Finland, it is particularly resistant to high temperatures and humidity.

It is characterized by a super smooth playing feel, as is typical of the brand, and it also has a smooth sound.
Roasted maple is known for its smooth startup and cozy sound, and this model is no different.

This model is no different. It has a powerful sound with a smooth response.
It is comfortable to play, and you will want to play this kind of instrument for a long time.

The image is a sample.
The grain of the wood may vary.

Text: Shunsuke Saga

Ships in a sturdy cardboard box.
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will be packed with hard cardboard box.
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