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Bacchus is a Japanese brand based in Nagano, Japan.

Bacchus is a brand under the umbrella of Divisor, which owns a large guitar factory called Asuka Factory, and is highly regarded by many musicians for the high quality of its guitars because they are made by the factory itself.

This model is the signature model of "Chiipan" who is very popular on SNS.

The special offer for purchasers includes a 36-page photo book shot especially for this signature model, a postcard, and a cleaning cloth!

Bacchus has several series in different price ranges, but this model is a gem of the Global Series, which is manufactured in Asia and highly regarded worldwide for its high quality.

The 33-inch scale is a major feature of this model, and the sweetness of the treble strings is especially noticeable.

When you play this bass, you may feel that the scale of 34 inches may not necessarily be correct.

The neck and fingerboard are made of roasted maple.

Roasted maple is a wood that has acquired strong stability by volatilizing the water and oil inside the wood through treatment at high temperatures.

Originally used as a building material for saunas in Finland, it is particularly resistant to high temperatures and humidity.

It is characterized by a super smooth playing feel, as is typical of the brand, and it also has a smooth sound.

Roasted maple is said to be characterized by its smooth startup and cozy sound, and this model is no different.

This model is no different. It has a powerful sound with a smooth response.
It is comfortable to play, and you will want to play this kind of instrument for a long time.

The image is a sample.
The wood grain may vary.


Body : Nyatoh
Neck : Maple
Fingerboard : Maple
Nut : Acrylic
Bridge : JB Type
Machineheads : Open Gear Type
Fret : Nickel Silver
Pickup : Original JB set
Control : 2Vol,1Tone(Pull up=Turbo SW)
Scale : 838mm(33inch)
Fingerboard Radius : 320R
Width at Nut : 38.0mm
Finish : Urethane
Accessories : Gig bag, Warranty card, Wrench

Text : Shunsuke Saga

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Contact Info

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