[New] Kardian / C6H8O6 "Vitamin C ARMY GREEN VER" # 100 of 100 [Yokohama Store]

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Cardian is a new effector brand in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture.

We are good at fusion of advanced ideas and classic sound, and its effectors are supported by many professionals, such as Kariya, Mori Mori.

They analyze the BIG MUFF of the Ramb's Head phase and defined the way of modern BIG Muffs are C6H8O6 "vitamin C".

This model is a limited model created by reference to Vitamin C, based on Vitamin C, based on Vitamin C.

In production, it seems that changes are made from the original vitamin C to parts and circuit-based changes.

Using it on the base will output a massive distortion including rich harmonics without scraping low.

It is 100 limited production from the convenience of securing the viethage condenser used, and this individual is 100/100 serial.

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