[USED] Warwick Corvette Standar 4st Made in Korea # A-000110-14 3.58 kg [Hyogo store]

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One of Warwick's representative models using heavy wood is this Corvette.

While being a clear and heavy sound, the sound that is full of umami feels musical sound.
Since there is a weight, it is not too hard to be a closed sound, so this balanced sense of the manufacturer is a high design sense of the design sense.

The rest of the fret is approximately 90%.
The state of the truss rod is hard, but the operation of about 90 degrees has been confirmed, and the neck condition is high, but there is no problem in playing with the string height of 2.5 to 3.0 mm.
The condition of the body is good.

The weight is 3.58 kg.

Warwick Sound Warlies. Aya.

In case of
3 months warranty



Weight: 3.58kg
FRET: 90%
Trussrod: Tight
Neck Condition: High Position HAS A Little Bowed But Not Problem at 2.5-3.0mm Strings Action
Serial Number: # A-000110-14
Accessories: Original Soft Case

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