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Electroharmonics was founded in 1968 by a strange microphone Machusus in New York.

The brand effector is unique and is characterized by many pedals with extreme effect effects.

In recent years, other new models are also actively handed up with a new model, and are supported by many artists.

There are several versions of BIG MUFF, but this model is a SovTek Green Russian Big Muffs, manufactured by SovTek, manufactured in mid-1990s.

The housing changes from the non-press-shaped metal sensitive body to the compact body of the Nano series, and the notation of distortion snacks has changed from "DISTORTION" to the same "SUSTAIN" notation as the original US BIG MUFF.

Even if the appearance is now in contemporary, the contents are in place at that time, and the deep low ends different from the US maid Big Muff.

It is a fuzz pedal, but the lower part of the switch is the "overdrive" in the chillic character.

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