[New] BACCHUS WL-534 / M S-SW-MH 4.10000 # G22843 [Yokohama store]

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Bacchus is a Japanese brand based in Nagano.
With a deep guitar plant that holds a large guitar plant, the high quality height is evaluated to many musicians with a brand under a waver that owns a large guitar plant.

WL-534 is a model that is a motif of WOODLINE, which is a top-level model, and has a turbo switch that outputs a powerful sound and outputs a powerful sound with two pickups.

Although it is not a top model, high playability unique to Bakkas has a common part, and a stronger sound and powerful sound is a great attraction of this model.

Even with fingers, slaps, picks, we will output a high quality sound without choosing a message.

For beginners and second grade up, of course, it is a product that can definitely be recommended as a sub-base or practice base for advanced users.

E½yBrand newE½z

Body: Hardwood
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Maple
Nut: Acrylic
Bridge: JB TYPE
Pickup: Original j type
Control: 2 Vol, 1tone (Pull UP Turbo SW)
Scale: 34 INCH
Width at Nut: 46.0mm
Finish: Urethane
String: d'addario 45-135
Accessories: Gig Bag, Warranty Stores, Writer

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