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Fender is an electric guitar based number one brand that is known without saying.
Jaco Pastrias, Markas Miller, Gedy Lee, etc., are loved by the top artists that can not be counted.

Precision base is known as a solid electro base with the world's first fret.
It is not difficult for imagination that the current world had no base.

The 1970s fender base has never been big than ever in the 1960s.
However, in recent years, the value is reviewed and used in the stage has also increased.

Above all, those in the first half of the 1970s have soaring trading prices by high quality sound and rare value height.

This model is in 1972, but the painting atmosphere of the body feels close to the 60's.
The painting of the neck is firmly 70's.
It may be a specification unique to the transition period.

The rest of the fret is approximately 70%.
The state of the truss rod is hard, but the operation of about 180 degrees is confirmed, so I think that it is possible to be relieved to some extent.
The state of the neck is a slightly grain on the four string sides, and there is also detailed distortion, but there is no problem in playing at a height of 2.5 to 3.0 mm.
The condition of the body is dirty from the age of age, but it feels like an atmosphere.

"1182" on the back of PU
The back of the pot is "013416 250K A 1378206"
".05 z 50 V" for capacitors
"5 Jan72b" for the neck end
"X. ARMENTA" on the back of the neck

Since the original PU was like broken, he replaced it with Sago's LX Reveed 4st Type1.
Seasonally definitely vintage-oriented full-scale.
I think it is impossible to determine if it is original or original.
I wondered which PU was chosen, but I feel that I had no doubt when I listened to the sound.
There is a screwdream near PU.

The weight is 3.99 kg.

At the time of setup, we use Pitbull Strings that works for import and selling in our shop.
It is a natural sound, because it is a fine string that maximizes the performance and character of the instrument, so please enjoy together.

With finger rest
Owners Manual
Hard case
3 months warranty

GIB craftsmen is easy to play and deliver it.



Weight: 3.99kg
FRET: 70%
Trussrod: Tight Butt But CAN BE USED ABOUT 180 E½‹ AT Least
Neck Condition: A Little Bowed and Twisted But NOT Problem at 2.5-3.0mm Strings Action
Any Custom: Pu Changed To Sago (Japan) 's Pu
YEAR: 1972
Serial Number: 348543
Accessories: Hardcase, Owners Manual, Finger REST
Country of Origin: US

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Will Be Packed with Hard Cardboard Box.
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