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Collision Devices is a Boutique effector brand that is handmade in France. It is a founding and young brand in 2016, but we have collected major support mainly in Europe and the United States. The ranch is a natural tone overdrive and dynamic tremoro, and an effect pedal integrated with a booster. It is a characteristic look, but this is a Vegan leather called Walnut and Pinatex. There are two foot switches, and the right switch switches the overdrive on / off. When the switch on the left is pressed short and pressed, the tremolo starts with a booster. You can also start tremolo by long pressing the booster. Warm tone is characteristic and is talented as a tool to sound beautiful arpeggio and code rather than playing Jakijaki. The surface has only a simple control of the overdrive, but the internal trimmer can arrange tremolo and booster parameters. E½yBrand newE½z