[USED] Fender 1972 Jazz Bass 3ts # 403529 4.11000 [Consignment item] [Yokohama store]

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Fender is an electric guitar based number one brand that is known without saying.
Jaco Pastrias, Markas Miller, Gedy Lee, etc., are loved by the top artists that can not be counted.

This base is a 1972 jazz base.

As can be imagined from the age, it is characteristic of the sound that is tight.
The sound of the rear PU is especially paris, but it is not flat, but the powerful sound rich in suggestion is a single body or a large power with the front of the front.

The rest of the fret is approximately 70-80%, and the state of the truss rod is good.
The neck condition has a slight high rise but there is no big problem with sound if the string height is not lowered extremely.

The pot is replaced.
The current potential number is "CTS FN84494788"

Nuts are exchanged, and the three-string grooves are too large, so it may be a little bit worthwhile by the open string depending on the performance method or the string gauge.

From the details, there is an evidence of reflex.

Neckdate has a stamp of "0201 4023" and "INSP18" on the back of the neck.

Pickup looks like it is not original.

The weight is 4.11 kg.

For sale consignment, shipping may differ from our normal price.

GIB craftsmen is easy to play and deliver it.

Black Tolex Hard Case
3 months warranty



Weight: 4.11000
FRET: 70-80%
Trussrod: Good Working
Neck Condition: A Little Bowed But Not Problem Without In Super Low Action
YEAR: 1972
Serial Number: 403529
Accessories: HardCase
Country of Origin: US

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