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Rittenhouse is a guitar brand in southern Florida, which ABE Rittenhouse works.
There is a reputation for producing vintage replicas, and the quality of painting and relic processing is extreme.

Imports are responsible for Okada International, which has been a brand import agent such as Sadowski and Specter.

Rittenhouse is dealing with SADOWSKY TYO custom JB models responsible for painting.
The regular model is a different painting, but there was a great surprise in the difference.

Rittenhouse felt the thickness of the passive sound that was in charge of painting and knew the size of the effect of painting on the finish.

The texture of the body paint feels somewhat mats finish compared to other companies.
If you play this, you will soon appear in the part where the arms and your body often appear, and will approach a real vintage finish.
The finish does not have the player on its own style. (And I feel personal)

Compared to that, the neck has some glossy texture.

As a sound, it feels like it is unexpectedly easy to use on the line.
There is still a feeling of young instrument, so it may be different from playing everything.
In that sense, of course the quality of the current quality is, but I felt more potential and expect it.

Okada International was inspected and adjusted just before delivery to our shop.
I think that you can understand it specifically if you can touch such a sense of security.

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