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Sloudtz is a new brand that Kikuchi Kikuchi (and Okata Interchangal) will be handed over, especially in the work related to Sadowski.

This model is a motif of the traditional PB, and the intention of Mr. Kikuchi is included.

We adopt more developed designs from fender style in many parts, such as neck feed angles and initial settings, and strongly focuses on playability.

This nuance feels common to the series such as Sadowsky Tyo and Sadowsky Metro Line Slap Master.

PU adopts one of the original design.
This PU refers to the sound of a vintage fender that the professionalmus chain uses in the field.

This PU that has been completed by repeated trial and error is not a flashy sound, but it is well balanced from low band to high range and is very finished as a whole.

I think that it is one of the more powerful and flashy tones, as it is such an age, but I had a good feeling of purpose that I did not aim for there.

Because it is a new brand, I would like you to try it at the store anyway.
I think it's a product that was not so far, so I think there is fresh surprise.

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