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Diamond Guitar Pedals is a Boutique effector brand based in Canada.
This model is a base compressor, one of the many diamond pedals, especially one popular model.

Optical compression systems are adopted to provide natural and seamless effect effects.

The control is simple, and the compressor's operation can be adjusted to mid-COMP with one COMP.
Regardless of passive based or active based, the compression required by the basis works beautifully.
This knob is 0 and the compression is not compression at all, and the effect will be strengthened each time you turn it.

The knob called EQ is a control called Tilt EQ, making your own equalizing around 250 Hz or 900 Hz, which can be selected with a mini switch, and arranges the overall large character.

Turn to the left to get the high-tone area, and turn the sound of the low-tone to the right, and you can make intuitive sound makeup.
If you do not need an EQ, you can bypass at the internally base.

In the compressor, noise problems are likely to occur, but it is hard to avoid structuring.
In this model, a jumper switch for canceling high frequency noise is mounted on the internal base.

It is characterized by a rough and thicker sound that is reminiscent of EBS MultiComp.

I think it does not match if you are looking for a so-called rack comp, but if you want to use the sound just to put together the sound, it is a masterpiece of the base compact comp.

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