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Anpeg is one of the most traditional base amplifier brands in the world, and is an existence that can be said to be a pioneer of high power base amplifier.

Although it is a standard, the sound of the Umpele is not the standard of the base sound, and this model reproduces the sound with the effect pedal.

In addition to the 3-band equalizer, equipped with Ultra Lo, Ultra Hi, its own control.
Sound coming out is an unmistakable ampele sound.
Because the unpella's disgusted places that are not good at people think are also reproduced, it is not suitable for those who don't like the Ape.

It is equipped with XLR OUT, LINE OUT, and is very excellent as a DI and an amp at home recording (Ampeg) simulator.

There is some feeling of use, but as a whole is very beautiful.

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