[USED] Black Smoker Standard Series Beta P5 # 20C54 4.19kg [Yokohama Store]

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Black Moker is a handmade brand launched in 2016 by the studio Black Cloud in Yasumino City, Nagano Prefecture.

The instruments manufactured by the two skilled builders with a wealth of experience are supported by many professionalmuses such as Shunsuke Kochi, Tsuba Sakai, and Mr. Yamamoto.

This model is a standard series of five stringed PB types.

Pegs, bridges adopt GOTOH.
It is polite finished like domestic brand from built-in to painting.

When you play the string, the whole body vibrates power strongly, and outputs a messive and sensitive sound

Comprehensive, modern and detail quality is high, and I think it is attractive for many bassists.
It is a gem that you want to try once.

The rest of the fret is approximately 90%.
The state of the truss rod is good.
The state of the neck is high-rise, but there is no problem in playing at a high string height of 3.8 mm to 3.0 mm.

Body is a relatively good product.

Weight is 4.19 kg.

At the time of setup, we use Pitbull Strings that works for import and selling in our shop.
It is a natural sound, because it is a fine string that maximizes the performance and character of the instrument, so please enjoy together.

Gig case with

GIB craftsmen is easy to play and deliver it.

3 months warranty


Weight: 4.19kg
FRET: 90%
Trussrod: Good
Neck Condition: High-Rise, But There Is No Problem in Playing With A String Height of 3.8 mm to 3.0 mm.
Serial Number: # 20c54
Accessories: GigCase
Country of Origin: JAPAN

It ships in a sturdy cardboard box.
It also supports shipping for overseas.
Will Be Packed with Hard Cardboard Box.
We do not ship internationally.

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