[USED] Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet G5236T Silver Sparkle # CYG11100303 3.63kg [Consignment item] [Yokohama store]

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Electromatic is a model made by China, affordable gretch sound.
The G5235T Silverse Parkle version of the G5235T already produced is the G5236T.

It is equipped with BigSBY B50 arm and miniham backer, which can be said to be the pronoun of GretSch.
It is distinctive to slip through the mid-range, and it is characterized by a bright and loudly sound.

The rest of the fret is approximately 90%.
The state of the truss rod and the neck is good.
The body top looks like burnt. There is a small wound on body back, but overall it is relatively good product.
The weight is 3.63 kg.
For sale consignment, shipping may differ from our normal price.

Hard case
3 months warranty


Weight: 3.63kg
FRET: 90%
Trussrod: Good
Neck Condition: GOOD
Body Condition: The Body Top Appears to Be Slightly Burned. The Body Back Is Dotted with Small Scratches, But Overall, IT Is Relatively Beautiful.
Any Custom: NONE
Serial Number: CYG11100303
Accessories: Hard Case

It ships in a sturdy cardboard box.
It also supports shipping for overseas.
Will Be Packed with Hard Cardboard Box.
We do not ship internationally.

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