[USED] GOMBO BASS GUITARS CUSTOM BASS BLUE BURST 3.78 KG [Consignment item] [Hyogo store]

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GOMBO BASS GUITARS has received high rating as a repair shop in Osaka.
A model made based on high repair technology and many experiences is here.

Bodyback adopts Alder and top in the top, and is finished with a beautiful blue burst.
Painting is politely finished with urethane and is a highly transparent elegant look.

Nordstrand Split Coil PU, preamplifier, also equipped with NordStrand 3B-5A.
Sounds are characterized by effective preamble, which is characterized by effective preamblumps by effective preamble.

Hardware adopts a shaharler.
Bridge can change the pitch between strings, and is currently set to about 17 mm.

The nut width is 43 mm wide, and it is likely that the Pb is arranged more modernly including the neck size.

The truss rod almost tightened while having the appropriate relief for the neck, but it seems that the fret is almost remaining.

There is a fine high-rise in the neck, but there is no problem with the current performance with the string high G strings 2.0mm to B strings 2.7mm.
The condition of the body is scattered in small strips and backs.

The weight is 3.78 kg.

For sale consignment, shipping may differ from our normal price.

GIB craftsmen is easy to play and deliver it.

No accessories
3 months warranty



Weight: 3.78kg
FRET: 90%
Trussrod: Tight
Neck Condition: High Position HAS A Little Bowed But Not Problem at 2.0-2.7mm Strings Action
Accessories: None
Country of Origin: JP, OSAKA

It ships in a sturdy cardboard box.
It also supports shipping for overseas.
Will Be Packed with Hard Cardboard Box.
We do not ship internationally.

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