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Sago is a handmade guitar brand in a Hyogo, and we are good at fulfur production with full order that fulfills all the needs from customers.
In addition, the regular model that uses the knowledge and skills that we cultivate for a long time (but most is one-off, but almost all is one off).

The trust from the musician is also a thick brand, Unison Square Garden Taishi, Mary's Blood Rio, and Sakanaction mowers are named as a SAGO artist.

This model is OVE with more modern arrangements while making jazz based motifs.

I want to write a framed wood structure.
The body is censome, neck is oak, fingerboard is manl color.

Sen has been used as an alternative to Ash in Japan in the old days.
However, the cens used for this model is very lightweight, and it is quite different from the image that has conventionally been owned.
Because it is a woodening of the eyes, it is a bit strange, because I do not think of the grain like Sen.

Neck and fingerboard are wooden materials that are not familiar, but the strength is fully felt.
These effects or sound are strong, firmly, picking with a slight force and receive an impression that is pushed strongly.

I understand that I can see the original PU, I can see the image, but combine the different sized pole piece.
This makes the Nuances of the Decapol Piece and the traditional nuances are well mixed.
Both styles are wonderful, but I think that there is a nice feeling between them.
This PU feels like that point very well.

Lightweight instruments have an impression that the whole is a bit easier, but this model also has no difference in its image.
But if you do, it is also a fact that the sound will be an easy instant.
Do you have such a point well and finish with a perfect balance, is not a point unique to SAGO who is good at full order maid?

It is a slightly special model, but I would like to try it once.
If you actually play, I think that the brand can easily feel the concept of this model.

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Body: stopper
Fingerboard: Flamanil Color
Scale: 864mm
Bridge: Hipshot Vintage. 750 Bass Bridge 4
Machineheads: GOTOH GB528
Pickup: lx jb5custom
Control: Vol, Tone, Toggle SW

It ships in a sturdy cardboard box.
It also supports shipping for overseas.
Will Be Packed with Hard Cardboard Box.
We do not ship internationally.

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