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Sago is a handmade guitar brand in a Hyogo, and we are good at fulfur production with full order that fulfills all the needs from customers.
In addition, the regular model that uses the knowledge and skills that we cultivate for a long time (but most is one-off, but almost all is one off).

The trust from the musician is also a thick brand, Unison Square Garden Taishi, Mary's Blood Rio, and Sakanaction mowers are named as a SAGO artist.

This model is a model using jazz-based shape as a motif.

Neck is a thermowood maple.
Thermoud is a building material for Finland's sauna, especially to high temperature and humidity.

This is the impact of this, the rising of the sound is smooth and there is a feeling of comfortable response.
Some new basses have an impression that strings have become strings only on frets, but such negative faces are not on this base.

However, the sense of ranges and tension of the sound is a modern base itself, and it is wonderful that it is well balanced there.

Sound is uniquely felt SAGO's unique low-range goots.
While there is a wide variety of contemporary range senses, it is not a perfect harmony with ensemble because a dense middle range is created well.

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Body: Alder 2P
NECK: Thermohad Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Scale: 864mm
MachineHeads: GOTOH FB30
PickUp: LX JB4
Control: 2 Vol, Tone

It ships in a sturdy cardboard box.
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Will Be Packed with Hard Cardboard Box.
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