[New] XOTIC XJ-Core 5ST 3TB / ALDER / R # 20015 4.1000 [Yokohama Store]

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A high quality guitar, bass, and effects pedals, etc.

As specifications, alderbody, rose thin plate, maple neck, Lindi Franelin PU and trading aspiration.

Although XJ-1T has been conducted in Japan until the incorporation is conducted in Japan, CORE series is manufactured in the United States, molding, rod preparation, etc. In Japan, coating and embedded in Japan.

Original development started with XOTIC USA, and production has had the cooperation of Travis Carlton.

Painting is the same method as XJ-1T, but the painting of this model feels thin enough to be transparent to the conduit.
This may be a racquer finish and it may be a familiar multi-layer finish that is not a familiar multi-layer finish.

It is a model that is a theme model of modern and traditional harmonization with simple and delicate, expressive power richness, but it is exactly.
I feel that the movement of the fine string is simply reflected in the sound.

It has been designed as a passive model that is an excellent preamplifier that is a great strength of exotic, and is a sense of satisfaction based on this.

I want Coppo, but it's high, sadowsky is not bad but I want a little trad model, I would like to ask that person once by all means.

Initial model of the CORE series that has already attracted great interest from working musicians.
Fast penguin.

The weight is 4.1 kg.

GIB craftsmen is easy to play and ships.

Original case
Manufacturer guarantee

�E½yBrand new�E½z


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