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Bacchus is a Japanese brand based in Nagano.
With a deep guitar plant that holds a large guitar plant, the high quality height is evaluated to many musicians with a brand under a waver that owns a large guitar plant.

Bacchus has some series of prices, but this is a model of Global Series, which has improved quality for users who aim for one step ahead.
Global Series manufactures abroad, but strict quality check produces high quality guitar.

BTL-650B is a model that arranges a traditional telecaster a little modern.
The number of frets is increased to 22, and the truss rods can be adjusted without removing the neck.

Because it is a standard, it is versatile and it is excellent for usability everywhere.

The manufacturer's official outlet is fine scratches.
Please note that the point is not included in the warranty.


Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Techwood or Maple
Nut: Bone
Bridge: 3WAY TL TYPE
MachineHeads: Kluson Type
Pickup: Original TL SET
Control: 1 Vol, 1tone, 3WAY PU Selector
Scale: 25.5inch
Width at Nut: 42.0mm
Finish: Urethane
String: d'addario. 010-.046
Accessories: Soft Case, Hexagon Lench, Warranty

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