[New] EGO Guitar Ego Bass 4 Earth Colors # 00090

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Italy, such as Arsonic, Meridian Guitar, and many name brands represent the head, and it can be said that it is a leading guitar brand that is a leading guitar brand in Europe.

The arrival of this time is EGO BASS4 in EGO Guitars, showing that it has a significant sense of the brand that has been in Italy.

In Europe, guitar is famous, but its sense is a big explosion on the basis.
Ego Bass is a modern base with a sense of persuasive sound in a unique look.

Headless style, has only one body shape, but its balance is outstanding.
If you sit down and neck naturally and neck, it's a headless free, even if it will be standing.

There is a tightness in the low band, and the high band is softness that makes it easy for balloons to play.
It is a cast that does not feel like a headless characteristic such as straightness, tightness, and it is a cast that is not good.

Of course, the LACE pickup adopted is excellent, but it feels that it is driven to the limit as an instrument used for music in acoustic planes.

Scale is designed with 32 inches.
It feels like a short amount of low sine richness and the lively beauty of high lines.
This is, of course, not only the scale, but also the overall design power.

The NFC chip embedded in the joint can be read by loading with a mobile terminal, such as an image, a specification, and the like.
The part of playing the base is, of course, finished with aesthetic sense to parts such as management and storage associated with it.

When I decided to handle this model, I talked about Andrea and Ego Guitars, an Arsonic (Italy) CEO (Italy), but still it was said that it was very high in Italy Europe.

Such a value with high quality is praying to be well known to many bassists in Japan.

Please try once.

Some people may be avoided by headless, but this brand has too attractive to put them in the frame only.


Accessories: One year warranty of original hard case, regular import agent (gem)


Body: Alder
Color: Earth Color
Neck Shape: Avs Shape
FRETS: 24 (6105), 0 FRET in Titanium
Hardware: Ego Bridge BK
Pickups: Lace Alumitone Bass Bar
EGO Shell Include
NFC Certification

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Will Be Packed with Hard Cardboard Box.
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