[New] Kardian Volume Pedal KND-LOW

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Kardian is a new effector brand that combines advanced ideas and classic sounds.
This model is a volume pedal that they think.

Volume pedals with only the role of changing volumes are simple, but I think that there are many players that have commitments such as their actual, sound change and change in volume.

This model stands like MOD products using Ernie Ball chassis.
Volume changes are very natural, and Curve Control placed on the front is determined by itself by itself.

The pot uses Tokyo Cosmos, and the wire is also carefully selected.
It is designed with a lot of surfaces.

For low-loading for the second stage or active base of the effector.

3 months warranty


It ships in a sturdy cardboard box.
It also supports shipping for overseas.
Will Be Packed with Hard Cardboard Box.
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