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Crazy Tube Circuits produces high-quality effect pedals at the Mysterious Country Greece, especially for Western musicians.

Common to any pedal of CTC is a wide dynamic range, high resolution, and unique effect effect of originality.
The drive pedal is dynamic and has no stress and plays because it is easy to play, and sounds in the ensemble are easy.

The compressor has a clear, low noise and perfect harmony, and the delay reverb has a beautiful transparency and a unique algorithm.
Both are only pedals that you want to try once.

This model is an overdrive based on the basis of use, Planet B deluxe edition.
A motif of the 70's tube nap and based on a fat sound.

From drive sound with a slight saturation, it has a hide gain width to a heavy distortion sound.
The fully distorted gain is characteristic of having a stressless dynamics range.

Using blend controls, clear bass can produce drives as it is.
Also, tone controls affect drive sounds only, and volumes act as timer volumes after blending.


Gain: Standard Channel Gain. Adjustment of distortion depth.
Gain +: Plus Channel Gain. Adjustment of distortion depth.
Blend: Blend with original sound.
TONE: Tone control in high range.
Volume: Standard Channel Volume.
Volume +: Plus channel volume.
Ignition Switch: Plus Channel Gain Boost.
SUPERSONIC SWITCH: Middle range boost.

5 years warranty of the manufacturer

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