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Music Man has appeared as a Leofender second brand and was loved by a bassist around the world.
Even after it has been acquired by the anny ball, it has not changed, and it is widely accepted for modern bassists.

Stingray is a standard model that boasts overwhelmingly popular with the brand.
It will not be an exaggeration to say that it is one of the most popular bass in the world side by side with fender jazz based and precision base.

This model literally is a special edition of stingray.

It is thoroughly lightweight that you want to write first.
The brand may have a relatively weight, so there may be such an image, but this model is different.
In fact, this individual is 3.99 kg super lightweight.

Adopt a loosted maple in the neck.
Roosed, Thermoud, is a new wood that Saga Numeral Guitar is a generalized wood.
Originally developed as a wood for making a sauna with Finland technology.
By treating at high temperature, it is characteristic that the water and oil inside the wood are volatilized and high temperature and humidity are highly stable.
There is an impression that the sound is more likely to ring.

In recent years, the brand has lived a pick-up and preamp.
Pickup adopts neodymium magnet on the material.
This was finished in a powerful and wide range of sound.
While maintaining a classic sting tray tone, it fits more modern ensemble.

The preamp has been driven by 9V conventionally to 18V drive.
This has a margin for the headroom and aims for a more clear tone.
Three band EQs will respond widely to a warm vintage tone from a pleasant bakibaki sensor to a sloping vanity and a slap.

Thus, when one manufacturer works from the pickup to the preamp, the aim of the manufacturer appears in a colored sound, and the good and bad is a very unique thing.
This renewal is a good impression and feels a very sophisticated completion height.

The peg adopts a redesigned lightweight open gear type.
It goes without saying that the balance of the balance is very good, but I think that there is a change in the positive direction that utilizes more powerful electronics in the sound aspect.

Personally, I liked the stingray of the vintage 3 knob era, and honestly, the current product thought that it could not be compared to such a negative sense.
However, in considering this renewed sting ladypecal, it turned out that the idea is an error.

Looking for stingray in the same way, but if it is not vintage or classic, it is a desire to try once.

E½yBrand newE½z


Model: Stingray 5 Special
Size: 13-3 / 8 "Wide, 1-5 / 8" Thick, 45-3 / 4 "Long (34.0 cm Wide, 4.1 cm Thick, 116.2 cm Long)
Body Wood: Select Hardwoods
Body Finish: High Gloss Polyester
Bridge: Vintage Music Man & # 174; Top Loaded Chrome Plated, Steel Bridge Plate with Vintage Nickel Plated Steel Saddles
PickGuard: Black, White, Mint, or White PearloD (Dependent On Body Color)
Scale Length: 34 "(86.4 cm)
Neck RADIUS: 11 "(27.9 cm)
Headstock Size: Only 9 "(22.9 cm) LONG
FRETS: 22-High Profile, Wide, Stainless Steel
NECK WIDTH: 1-3 / 4 "(44.5 mm) AT NUT 2-3 / 4" "(69.9 mm) AT LAST FRET
Neck Wood: Select Roasted Maple Neck
Fingerboard: Fretted-Maple, Rosewood, Or Ebony (Dependent On Body Color)
Neck Finish: GUNSTOCK OIL and Hand-Rubbed Special Wax Blend
Neck Colors: Standard & # 8211; Natural with Finished Headstock
Tuning Machines: Custom Music Man, Lightweight with Tapered String Posts and Ergonomic Clover Design
Truss Rod: Adjustable-No Component or String Removal
Neck ATTACHMENT: 5 Bolts-Perfect Alignment with NO Shifting; Sculpted Neck Joint Allows Smooth Access to Higher Flets
Electronic Shielding: Graphite Acrylic Resin Coated Body Cavity and Aluminum Lined PickGuard
Controls: 3-Band Active PREAMP with 18 Volts of Headroom; Vol, Treble, Mid, Bass
Switching: Single Pickup-3-Way Lever Pickup Selector; Dual Pickup-5-Way Lever Pickup Selector
Pickups: Standard-Single Humbucking With NeodeMium Magnets; Optional-Dual Humbucking With NeodeMium Magnets
Left Handed: NO
Strings: 45W-65W-80W-100W-130W (Regular Slinky Bass # 2836)

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