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Bacchus is a Japanese brand based in Nagano.
With a deep guitar plant that holds a large guitar plant, the high quality height is evaluated to many musicians with a brand under a waver that owns a large guitar plant.

WOODLINE is a flagship model that is released from Handmade Series positioned in the top series.
It can be said that it is a highly original characteristic model with many unique features, such as modern dinchy body and special paint, while making jazz based motifs.

The model number of TBM attached to this model is an abbreviation of Thermo BirdSeye Maple.
Roosed, Thermoud, is a new wood that Saga Numeral Guitar is a generalized wood.

Originally developed as a wood for making a sauna with Finland technology.
By treating at high temperature, it is characteristic that the water and oil inside the wood are volatilized and high temperature and humidity are highly stable.

As a sound, there is a high frequency with a low-band mucible texture, and there is a high area with a sharpness.
The good balance of balance in total is impressive.

The height of the playability unique to the brand is a hypersmous funny.

Originally Thermoud was only used for expensive instruments, but Bukas did.
There is no way not to try this motivation. At all.

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